Gift Of Co​mpassion

Give your loved pet the final gift of compass​ion.​..​

Corrine Brown, DVM

[email protected]


When it is time for your pet's euthanasia:

Dr. Brown can be reached via email ([email protected]), text or phone (318-218-6188).  She will discuss the medical history of your pet with you and determine the best course of action.  She will need the following information: pet's name and body weight, your veterinarian's name, your address and phone number and your plans for aftercare.  Dr. Brown recommends, and coordinates with, Heavenly Acres (318-470-8327) for cremation and burial.  She will discuss fees with you (in home euthanasia services are $255.00) and payment can be made via check, cash or PayPal at the time of the appointment. Emergency euthanasias are not offered through Gift Of Compassion.

What you c​an expect:

Dr. Brown will arrive at your home or the agreed upon location at the pre-arranged appointment time. Your family and other pets can remain with your pet throughout the procedure.  She will explain what to expect as the process proceeds.  Your pet will be gently sedated so that it will be calm and comfortable. This will take 10-15 minutes. It is generally a comforting time to spend with your pet, as he/she becomes relaxed and nonpainful.  A small area will be shaved and a vein accessed. Euthanasia solution, which is really an overdose of anesthesia, will be administered.  Your pet will be unaware of this administration and will enter a very deep level of anesthesia.  Within a few peaceful minutes, breathing will cease and the heart will stop. 

Upon confirmation of death, you will be offered a paw print and/or a lock of hair.  An ecologically safe cremation/burial sleeve is an option for use.  Final aftercare will be managed in whichever manner you have prearranged.  

Dr. Brown can provide resources to assist you in coping with pet loss and grief.  Dr. Brown understands this is an emotional time, and will do all she can to offer support and make this transition as gentle as possible for you and your beloved pet.